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Resveratrol and Disc Repair

A number of recent studies have shown that resveratrol, a naturally occurring polyphenol compound found in red grapes and Japanese knotweed, may have great  potential for the treatment of nucleus pulposus mediated pain.  The studies have demonstrated some startling anti-inflammatory and anti ageing/catabolic effects effects on cells tested in the laboratory and anti-inflammatory effects in living subjects.1, 2, Apoptosis is the term used to describe programmed cell death, it appears that resveratrol may have the potential to block or retard this process.3

The dosage requires to have an effect is not clear as yet, although the concentration of resveratrol in the introduced invasive weed Japanese knotweed is higher than that in red grapes. It would be inadvisable to consume large amounts of either as, without processing, the Japanese knotweed would have a unfortunate laxative effect.

Given my own history of disc injuries, I will be conducting a small scale, non randomised or controlled study on myself- watch this space for further information!

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